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Elite BCCA’s

Elite BCCA’s

BCAA’s with a scientifically validated ratio of (2-1-1), and a massive does dose of Citrulline Malate (2.5g).We also combine electrolytes, sodium (at doses above 20mmols when mixed at the recommended ratio), as well as potassium to assist with hydration.  BCAAs have long been studied, showing benefits in reducing muscle soreness, faster recovery time, reduced muscle breakdown and a better retention of maximum muscular force.  Citrulline-malate supplementation enhances other amino acids, especially the branched chain amino acids during exercise. Combining BCAAs in a validated dose with high doses of Citrulline Malate means optimal benefits from both compounds, resulting in the best endurance, recovery and strength gains possible, as well as maintaining effective electrolytes levels
  • Ingredients

    L Leucine, L lsoleucine, L Valine, Citrulline Malate, Flavouring, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Tartric Acid, Sweetener (Sucralose), Potassium Gluconate, Vitamin B6.

  • Allergens

    This product contains traces of soy lecithin which enhances mixability.

  • Dosage

    Consume 14.2g [approximately 3 standard teaspoons) of Elite BCAA.

    A flat standard teaspoon equals 4.7g of Elite BCAA.

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