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Powerlifting Program

Powerlifting Program

The initial consultation and program setup are priced at $100. Upon signing up, you'll receive a complimentary choice of clothing (shirt, jumper, shorts) and a supplement (whey, vegan protein, pre-workout, BCAAs, creatine).

The program will be customized to your powerlifting goals wether that’s offseason, beginner, returning from injury or peaking into your next competition. I provide daily support through messaging, addressing inquiries, and offering guidance. You can also submit videos of your exercises for feedback, and each exercise is accompanied by a tutorial for proper execution.

Pricing Plans:

$40 per week for 16 weeks

$30 per week for 6 months

$20 per week for 12 months

Keep in mind that achieving significant gains in powerlifting demands unwavering commitment. I'm seeking individuals who are truly dedicated to achieving their goals, and the program's minimum duration of 16 weeks is designed to deliver effective and lasting results.

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