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Specific Athlete Program

Specific Athlete Program

The initial consultation and program construction are priced at $100. Upon signing, you'll receive a complimentary choice of clothing (shirt, jumper, shorts) and a supplement (whey, vegan protein, pre-workout, BCAAs, creatine).

The program will be tailored to your specific sport and goals, aimed at enhancing your performance. I provide daily support via messaging, addressing questions, exercise video submissions, and offering feedback. All exercises are accompanied by tutorials to ensure proper execution.

Pricing Plans:

$40 per week for 16 weeks

$30 per week for 6 months

$20 per week for 12 months

Remember, substantial performance enhancements necessitate sustained commitment. I'm focused on individuals genuinely dedicated to attaining their objectives, and the program's minimum duration of 16 weeks is designed for effective results delivery.

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